Course Introduction
Module 1: What is Nature Nurture?
Module 2: Understanding and Promoting Resilience
Module 3: Understanding and Supporting Attachment
Module 4: Understanding and Supporting Behaviour
Module 5: Developing Emotional Literacy, Growth Mindset and Building Self-Esteem
Module 6: Additional Support for Learning and Nature Nurture
Module 7: Practical Skills in Nature Nurture
Final Course Overview

Reflective Practice and Learning

Nature Nurture practitioners are reflective practitioners - that is to say that they take the time to analyse and assess their own professional practice in order to improve and develop.

To help develop these reflective skills, we will set a weekly task which will help apply what you learn as reflective practitioners to your planning, assessing, practice and evaluation.

The tasks should take about 1 - 1.5 hours each week and will be immediately relevant to the process of establishing a Nature Nurture group.

You will also be required to keep and submit a reflective journal that will contain your reflective learning tasks and other thoughts, questions and/or observations relevant to the course.