Course Introduction
Module 1: What is Nature Nurture?
Module 2: Understanding and Promoting Resilience
Module 3: Understanding and Supporting Attachment
Module 4: Understanding and Supporting Behaviour
Module 5: Developing Emotional Literacy, Growth Mindset and Building Self-Esteem
Module 6: Additional Support for Learning and Nature Nurture
Module 7: Practical Skills in Nature Nurture
Final Course Overview

Welcome to Nature Nurture in Action

Nature Nurture in Action is designed to give you the knowledge and understanding you need in order to deliver Nature Nurture in your setting. With an in-depth, comprehensive and modular syllabus, this course is packed with practical and real-world examples of how to apply the theory and practice that make up the Nature Nurture Approach.

This introductory section will provide you with an overview of the course structure, content, and learning outcomes.

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