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Nature Nurture is an approach to nurture that takes place outside in natural environments.  Our aims are to provide opportunities for children to develop resilience, confidence, self-regulation and other important social skills.  Although Nature Nurture benefits most individuals, it is designed to support children who have poor wellbeing or who are anxious or distressed. These children may be communicating their distress through withdrawal, disengagement or through behaviours that challenge those around them.  Nature Nurture is an approach that has proven effective for most children, and through consistent, well-structured and regular sessions that are led by trained practitioners, children can show significant growth and development in the areas where they experience the most challenge.

Nature Nurture also offers approaches to practice that can support professional growth and development for practitioners in areas such as promoting positive social, emotional and behavioural development, understanding attachment and resilience, and in effectively utilising reflective and restorative practices.

This course has been specifically designed for practitioners working in primary schools. It will run over 28 weeks and includes online tutorials, guidance in collaborative and reflective practice, online tools, guides and videos and opportunities for face-to-face training sessions in the wooded areas around Aboyne Primary School.

You will take part in weekly one-hour live tutoring sessions and will be assigned a reflective task based on that week’s instruction. The course is divided into seven modules and each module is concluded with a collaborative, reflective session where assignments are shared, discussed and further questions can be explored with the group. You will be assessed on your completion of the weekly assignments that will include short videos of your practice as evidence of your learning and through your engagement with the group discussions.

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