Course Introduction
Module 1: What is Nature Nurture?
Module 2: Understanding and Promoting Resilience
Module 3: Understanding and Supporting Attachment
Module 4: Understanding and Supporting Behaviour
Module 5: Developing Emotional Literacy, Growth Mindset and Building Self-Esteem
Module 6: Additional Support for Learning and Nature Nurture
Module 7: Practical Skills in Nature Nurture
Final Course Overview

Course Overview

We are delighted to welcome you on board this course.  We hope you are looking forward to exploring all the ways in which the Nature Nurture Approach can help promote resilience in your settings.

Here is an overview of the course delivery and content.

  • We will meet virtually each Wednesday for 1 hour during term time
  • The course is divided into 7 modules covering the key topics of the training. Each module will comprise 3-6 learning or reflective sessions
  • Each module is divided into a number of weekly training Sessions. This will be outlined in greater detail in the course calendar
  • Each module is concluded with a reflection and evaluation session
  • All the course material will be available via your student profile on the Salugen website -

We have designed the course to provide you with a dynamic and engaging learning experience. Within each module, you will have access to a variety of different materials including

  • Slide presentations
  • Live tutorial sessions
  • Video of practice
  • Recorded interviews with industry experts
  • Articles and links to relevant websites and other reading materials
  • Reflection and evaluation time with tutors at the end of every module